CERTUS Real Estate Solutions to Offer Loyalty and Rewards Platform Powered by INCENTCO Technology

June 16, 2016 Company News 0

CERTUS Real Estate Solutions announced today it would be offering a resident and employee loyalty and rewards platform powered by innovative INCENTCO technology.

“We are thrilled to include INCENTCO loyalty and rewards technology in our product offerings by introducing CERTUSRewards powered by INCENTCO” says Matt Miller, CERTUS principal. “This platform is a valuable tool for owners and managers who want to build a stronger relationship with their residents and reduce turnover without relying on rent concessions. In addition, owners/managers can also use the platform for employee engagement programs including tenure and performance-based incentives.”

“We are thrilled to include INCENTCO loyalty and rewards technology in our product offerings by introducing CERTUSRewards powered by INCENTCO.”


“All of us at INCENTCO are thrilled to partner with CERTUS and for our technology to be part of the CERTUS product line,” says Chuck Raines, INCENTCO executive vice-president, “ CERTUS offers wonderful products to make owners/managers more efficient and profitable. With our technology now in the mix, there is no other vendor in the multi-family space that can offer such a comprehensive array of products and management tools.”

CERTUS Real Estate Solutions provides a suite of real estate solutions impacting every aspect of the owner, manager and resident experience. The value driven offering includes CERTUS Utility Solutions, ResGuard by CERTUS Risk Solutions, ValencePMCERTUSRewards powered by INCENTCO and TelecomNetwork Solutions. The premium offering included under these brands includes utility billing, expense management, metering, renter’s insurance, security deposit alternatives, ValencePMValenceDocsValenceWeb, resident and employee loyalty incentive programs and advanced technology solutions.

INCENTCO’s nSpire engagement and incentive platforms offer the ability to awards points for any desired event or activity. Participants can then accumulate their points and redeem them in real-time for whatever they want at many of the nation’s leading retailers. nSpire platforms include a simple rewards platform, a completely gamified platform with leaderboards, a social media wall, peer to peer rewarding and more. The INCENTCO engagement platforms are currently being used for both customer and employee incentive programs in industries that include Health and Wellness, Employee Benefits, Power Sports, Residential Real Estate, Business Services, Manufacturing and Distribution, Financial Services and more.

For more information about CERTUS Real Estate Solutions please contact Matt Miller at 702-768-4173 or mmiller@certusres.com.

For more information about INCENTCO or to speak with an executive from the company, please contact Robert Romine at 630-208-1020 or rromine@rcromine.com. To learn more about INCENTCO visit www.INCENTCO.com

Source: Incentco / CERTUS Real Estate Solutions