Risk Management

Do you want to increase Net Operating Income? Do you want to protect your losses from fire, water and other resident caused damages? Choose Certus ResGuard Insurance to provide the ultimate, comprehensive risk management solution. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council’s Apartment Cost Risk Survey, over 84% of apartment companies surveyed require renter’s insurance coverage. It has become so prevalent that the National Apartment Association’s standard lease now encourages owners to utilize a required program to reduce exposure to losses. WHY? The expense to repair or replace assets due to resident caused incidents are paid by the renter’s insurance policy. Our ResGuard policies not only cover large, catastrophic occurrences, but also cover the more common $5k and below “post-move-out” damages. There is no need to file claims against your commercial general liability policy or pay any high deductible.

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ResGuard Solutions Offered


  • A resident owned policy that provides personal contents and owner required liability coverage
  • All residents are pre-approved based on their approval to live in your communities
  • Same day coverage with immediate management notification and fully integrated with Valence PM
  • Named perils policy covers losses due to lightning, fire, water, theft and wind
  • Other occupants on the lease can be listed as Additional Insured
  • Ancillary revenue opportunities for property owners and/or managers

 Master Policy

  • Affordable, easily enrolled and bundled with their monthly rent payment
  • Immediate, same-day enrollment
  • Coverage options include losses due to fire, smoke, explosion, sewer backup, water damage, loss of rent, pet damage, and bed bug remediation
  • Ancillary revenue opportunities for property owners and/or managers

 Commercial Policy

  • Detailed and comprehensive evaluation of your choices
  • Full review of your existing policies, comparing them to your risk tolerances and provide your best options
  • Attain greatest value by Implementing our full insurance solutions suite

 Security Deposit

  • Capture more leases while recovering post-move-out monies owed
  • Eliminates the requirement for financially burdensome security deposits
  • Simple, streamlined claims request process