Utility Billing and Management

Certus Utility Billing and Management Solutions provides a turnkey solution for multifamily, commercial and municipal clients. Whether you own or manage residential or commercial property or are the purchasing manager for your municipality, our superior customer service and robust, flexible system will exceed your utility billing and utility management requirements. True to our company philosophy, we will build a positive relationship with you by conducting a thorough analysis of your needs and provide you a customized solution that will maximize savings, improve customer satisfaction and be the most efficient in the market.

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Solutions Offered

Billing Services

  • All billing methodologies supported
  • Comprehensive pro-active account management approach with dedicated account management team
  • Ability to integrate with multiple accounting platforms
  • Comprehensive annual reviews
  • 24-Hour customer service
  • Full-time nationally experienced regulatory staff
  • Training for site, regional, corporate staff without any additional cost

Utility Management

  • Change of address assistance
  • Invoice processing, auditing and storage
  • Cost and consumption analytics
  • Reporting by meter #, location and type
  • Maximize accounts payable workflow
  • Automatic payables processing and posting
  • Integrations with multiple accounting platforms
  • Trend and benchmark reports
  • Detailed exception identification, research and reporting

Sub-Metering Solutions & Reporting

  • National Coverage
  • Pro-active communication with communities regarding system health and maintenance required
  • Installation and maintenance for all utility types
  • Daily reads with variance reporting and analysis
  • All technicians are fully licensed and insured