Madera Selects Certus ResGuard Renters Insurance

October 24, 2016 Company News 0

Madera Launches Certus ResGuard Renters Insurance & Compliance Management Solution


Property management firm Madera launches the ResGuard Insurance & Compliance Management Solution across their entire portfolio. As with many real estate and property management firms, Madera required residents to have a renters insurance liability policy, but did not possess an effective solution to manage resident compliance. “We were at risk and needed a simple and efficient solution. The Certus ResGuard Renters Insurance offering was a perfect fit,” says Jeff Lowry, President of Madera operations. “Certus ResGuard, in collaboration with Valence PM software, came to the rescue and provided a comprehensive risk compliance management system.”

Madera implemented Certus ResGuard HO4 & Certus ResGuard Master Policy insurance programs. Residents are offered the option to purchase a renters insurance policy of their own or choose Certus ResGuard HO4. If either policy lapses, for whatever reason, the resident is enrolled in the Certus ResGuard Master Program. ResGuard Master Policy is a liability only policy that is owned by Madera. All resident policy tracking and ResGuard Master Policy enrollments can be managed within the Valence PM software. Madera has access to a single system to manage compliance and all activity is imbedded in their normal business workflow within Valence PM. Jeff adds, “The initial implementation and training was conducted without issues with the ongoing support being prompt and professional. The Certus team has gone above and beyond in satisfying our needs.”

“Our growth in clients over the past few months shows the importance of renters insurance to property managers,” said Brian Galla, Certus Real Estate Solutions’ EVP of Operations. “Madera chose the ResGuard solution part and parcel because it is the most compliant risk management solution in the market.”

About Certus
Certus is a service and value driven company with a focus on providing simple products and services with a collection of valuable solutions. Our team of industry experts, has over 100 years of combined experience in real estate services and related technologies and we understand our clients are not one-size-fits-all. We have created a set of solutions that can provide value independently or as a complete solution, with a commitment to engaging and forming relationships with our clients to fully understand their goals and deliver the appropriate solutions. (

About Madera
Madera serves the Texas market including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock and College Station. Founded in 1997, Madera has completed well over $100 Million worth of acquisitions and dispositions. Madera continues to produce millions of dollars in cash flow and equity appreciation.(

About Valence
Valence is a web-based property management software that helps you save time and money. Valence works hand-in-hand with real owners and operators to build a user-friendly solution that streamlines on-site processes. The Valence package includes guest card tracking, lease management, renters insurance compliance, utility billing, maintenance management, document management, full AP/GL accounting, resident portal, custom website builder, photo app, several 3rd party integrations, and much more! (

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